The fact that you’ve found your way here shows that you care about what you put in your body - and where your money goes. As you should. We all want to eat good food. But today with major manufacturers creating quantity over quality with artificial ingredients and slapping a “healthy” label on their packaging - it’s harder to identify those “clean” ingredients.  

As someone who grew up a picky eater, and with various stomach issues - I understand the energy and challenges that go into finding the right, balanced food to eat for yourself and your family. It can be strenuous finding the time to prepare wholesome food, or finding a healthy snack to pack for that airplane ride, field trip or just to munch on - we feel you. 

That’s why I started Toatally Granola. My goal is to share delicious, healthy, wholesome food with friends and family. I promised to never shy away from the true ingredients blended in each batch and would be honest with the longevity of the product - since everything is 100% totally natural.

From our sustainable packaging to supporting Canadian farms, we want to bring deliciousness and health to people’s everyday lives. We also give back - a portion of our proceeds are donated to different women’s charity’s every month to help those in need.