Your Healthy Breakfast Starts Here

We're an alternative to highly processed granola made with simple, all-natural ingredients — without compromising the taste. 

Indulge in a healthy breakfast or snack — and don’t feel bad about it!

Toatally Granola puts nutrition at the heart of our product

100% Real Ingredients

We believe granola doesn’t need to be packed with added sugars to taste delicious. That’s why we use minimal ingredients that are 100% real, organic, and full of flavor to make the perfect blend. 

Toatally Healthy

Every batch is hand baked with natural, organic ingredients. Our granola is 100% free from artificial flavors, coloring, added sugars or fats. We don't believe in using unnecessary, fake ingredients! 

Full of Flavor and Crunch

We pride ourselves on delicious flavor that’s infused with earthy spices and superfoods that give our granola the perfect crunch. Eat it with your favorite milk, mix it with fresh fruit and yogurt, or just eat it straight outta the bag!